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We are a weekly talk show and media outlet aimed at making Black Americans HIGH information voters and healing cultural trauma with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Meet Our Team

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Felicity Joy Solomon, PhD, has been a Dream Strategist since 2012. This career found her after over 20 years
as a stage and screen performer and director. As she coaches people, her passion is encouraging them to
strengthen their strengths and, as soon as possible, outsource their weaknesses. She holds people accountable to their own values, not hers, which allows them to shine the way they were created to. She recently starred in her first movie, Reflections, a short film about the power of prayer. 
Her education includes a Bachelor’s from Princeton University, a Master’s in Teaching and a Doctorate in Christian Counseling.
She has made her own dream of being a talk show host come true and now stars in 3 talk shows: Simply Felicity, about
transformational Christianity; The Dag Show, where she trades wits with her “Odd Couple” style co-host Darren
Dag, and the most successful, Black. Conservative. Female. If you are looking to sharpen the vision for your life, consider following her Facebook page, Virtual Vision U.
Janice Ponds’ life has unfolded with a variety of experiences that have contributed into her being a woman of strength, wisdom, and purpose. Growing up in the South during the ’60s and ’70s afforded Janice the opportunity to have first hand experiences which left her dealing with bitterness, prejudice, and misinformation. Realizing that she was drawn to a higher calling, Janice has pursued a journey of allowing God to reveal in her and through her His uncompromising truths that have the power to bring freedom and victory to all those who have an ear to hear and a heart to receive.
Janice holds a B.S. in Education from N.C. A&T State University; a M.A. in Special Education/School Psychology from Ohio State University; and did post-graduate studies at the University of Virginia, completing undergraduate and graduate school with high honors. Janice’s experience as a teacher; school psychologist; psychiatric counselor; clinical director; substance abuse treatment program coordinator, director, and supervisor; a certified brain injury specialist; clinical consultant; a therapist; a speaker; a singer; and an author have given her insight into practical ways to understand and effectively help individuals from all walks of life. Her show, from Destruction to Dignity airs on Monday nights. She can be reached at
Mykel Lynn Barthelemy is a wife, mother, grandmother, businesswoman, former pastor, freedom fighter, political commentator, conservative activist, and author of the book “Trump Is Not A Racist, Here’s Why.” Mykel Barthelemy is a native of Morgan City, Louisiana, a small industrial bayou town in Cajun Country, and was active in the church, and the community. Like many in her generation, she grew up with both parents in a middle class working family. She attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now renamed University of Louisiana.) She was raised in the church and became a licensed evangelist in 1994 at the age of 25 and later ordained as a Pastor in 1998 in Los Angeles, County in California. She planted churches in both Louisiana and California, and has ordained many sons and daughters in the ministry. Mykel, the minister, preached the gospel of Jesus Christ all around the country as a noted speaker and has appeared on many tv and radio programs.
In her professional life, she advanced in Business Management and Mortgage Banking. In 2004, Mykel moved to Atlanta, GA and worked as a Procurement Manager in the accounting department for the U.S. Small Business Administration office of Disaster assistance. There, she played a vital role during Hurricane Katrina, where she advocated for the donation of supplies and office equipment to the Local Churches and provided aid to disaster victims nationwide.
Mykel met the love of her life, Charles Barthelemy, and they officially opened Barthelemy Commercial Capital, a successful lending and business consulting firm. She has always been a Conservative even though her parents are Democrats. She became the communications director for the Reform Party’s Presidential candidate nominee, Andre Barnett in the 2012 general elections. In 2015, she started several prayer groups to pray for then-candidate Donald Trump. In 2020, Mykel decided to run in the Republican primaries for US Congress in Georgia’s 6th District. While unsuccessful in that race, she is excelling as a conservative activist, a regular guest political commentator on Newsmax TV, a co-host on the Black Conservative Female Show, the State Director for BLEXIT GA and the State Director for Urban Conservatives of America. She and her husband Charles, recently founded “1 Million Bibles,” an outreach ministry aimed to evangelize the country through the distribution of Bibles.
Stephanie Trussell is a Christian, wife, mother, grandmother an unapologetic Black Constitutional Conservative.
Born to a teen mom and raised in deep blue Chicago. Inherited the Democrat Party by birthright. She always voted uninformed, never taking the time to study the issues. Her husband bought a car with a AM radio in 1993. She found WLS 890 AM which was the radio home of Rush Limbaugh. 
As a Democrat she spent many months yelling at the right-leaning hosts until one day she realized the Democrats were committed to keeping blacks uninformed, needy and dependent on social programs.
In 2012 she won an American Idol type talk radio contest on WLS 890 AM. Over 100 contestants entered but she was chosen as the first Next Talk Star. 
She was guaranteed one 2 hour show. During that initial show the phones never stopped ringing. As a result she worked for Chicago’s biggest station for 7 years.
She is known for regularly inviting Democrats in studio as guests and cohosts. Determined to be the Harriet Tubman of the Republican Party by shedding light on the lies and darkness of the Democrat Party. She tries hard to inform and entertain her listeners. She tells them to strive for the whole piece of the American Pie and not be satisfied with crumbs from the table of Big Gov (dependency on subsidies).
In 2017 she hosted and cohosted 5 times on Chicago’s WVON 1690 AM, an urban talk station. She proved she could handle calls from a majority black Democrat and often hostile audience. She loves going into the belly of the beast.
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